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AlexofajesDate: Thursday, 2016-03-24, 9:52 PM | Message # 1
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Robinson is always preaching to his crew they are not soil, not useless, that they have to rebel against "them." He refers often to "them," a conglomeration of the rich and powerful who do all they can to keep others "crawling on their bellies in the dirt." Whatever class system comment screenwriter Dennis Kelly attempts to layer his picture with is not effective.More often than not I felt bored, preached to in the most unsubtle and vulgar of manners in regards to the evil of capitalism."Black Sea" is now the umpteenth film that tries to handle economic adversity, yet neglects to do so with all the required subtlety.Crowds hate being talked down to, as well as in its aspiration to rise above its pedestrian construction, "Black Sea" loses its sense of purpose.It's a midlevel action thriller feigning sophistication and importance.When it is not overstepping its all too-clear limits, but the movie succeeds.In particular, the sequence at which guys reach the U-boat and carry the gold back to the submarine is well done, suspenseful, and successful.I would've liked to see more of the crew outside the sub.
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The traversing of the ocean floor reminded me very much of the derelict space ship investigation in "Alien" as far as its atmosphere.Herein lies the issue.Much of the movie is spent on a parable of greed.I have seen enough treasure hunt films that I could see coming from far away such a recognizable set up: the crew is endangered yet favors the chance for wealth rather than safety.This is augmented by the memories of his family frolicking on the shore, a happier time much previously of Robinson.Despite how underdeveloped this plotline ends up being, it is enough, united with Jude Law's performance, to make Robinson a character that is moving, in the very least deserving of our focus.This is not a film that'll wind up on anyone's "Best of the Year" list, nor could it be a career highlight for anybody involved.Law, McNairy, and Mendelsohn have all better impressed in other movies, and Kevin Macdonald's style fails to function as efficiently as it did in "The Last King of Scotland." But, by one doesn't feel slighted or cheated as one might after several other options that are less than leading.I cannot see myself watching this again I happen across it on cable and unless there's a slow day, but I'd recommend it over most other movies in theaters at this time.
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